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Tampere Manufacturing Summit 2013 will be organized on 10th-12th of June 2013 in Tampere, Finland at Tampere Hall, number one Congress Centre in Finland. The discussion topics under the theme 'Sustainable Growth' topics include:

- How to deliver resource-efficient growth and jobs?
- How to create a competitive edge in long term?
- How the industry can both improve its operational excellence and simultaneously improve its environmental performance?
- How to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the ongoing transition to a more sustainable, resourceefficient and low-carbon economy?
- How to identify the market needs and mechanisms?
- How to create customer value?
- How to create win-win relationships and a winning value chain?
- How to respond to changing market conditions and the breathtaking speed and scale of China’s rise?
- How to tackle the opportunities of emerging economies like Brazil?
- How to build strategic competence?
- How to expand lean across the business?
- How to improve flexibility and flexible automation in manufacturing?
- How to create a culture that fosters greater empowerment for all employees?
- How to tackle the challenges of ageing population and workforce?

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For the third time, the international Tampere Manufacturing Summit 2011 will be organized on 23-25 May in Tampere,Finland at Tampere Hall, number one Congress Centre in Finland.The two previous events (2007 and 2009) were attended by more than 200 specialists coming from more than 20 countries. Also on both occasions, 60% of the participants came from the industries.

The Summit will bring together front line industrial manufacturers and researchers to exchange opinions and ideas about different aspects of manufacturing and keys to improved global competitivity and business profitability. The summit is a type of executive and visionary seminar discussing the trends, visions and challenges in today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturing industry.

The summit programme is based on more than 50 invited presentations of internationally recognized experts discussing industrial best practices and scientific and technological advances and breakthroughs in the field.The speakers represent top class industry and academia equally and worldwide.This year, the theme of the summit is «Lean and Sustainable».

The importance of manufacturing industries for employment and the whole global economy is evident. The manufacturing industry can exist only if its competitiveness is ensured. In today’s and tomorrow’s world this means a capability to design and produce goods through reduced costs and environmental impact. Lean manufacturing aims at cuttingcosts by making the business more efficient and responsive to market needs, and can result also in green benefits by elimination of non-value activities. ‘Lean and Sustainable’ combines Lean and Green practices which is becoming one of the foremost strategies to achieve leading edge productivity while minimizing at the same time the environmental impacts.

Further, the programme includes visits to relevant companies as well as a networking and brokerage event which, among other things, aims to activate industry and academia for R&D collaboration over the borders.

The interest shown in and positive feedback received from the previous events proves the Summit to be a highly appreciated event on the European level, if not even more extensively. More than 300 participants are expected to attend the Summit this year.

The theme of Tampere Manufacturing Summit 2013 is 'Sustainable Growth'
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